It’s an unbeatable pair: fashionable and philanthropic. Betsy Blancett-Nacrelli, Collections by Joya co-founder, has transitioned her eye for design from furniture to wardrobe accessories, all while maintaining a dedication to serving women. Founded in August, this local jewelry and accessory line offers both a subscription box service and well-stocked e-boutique. LN recently spoke to Blancett-Nacrelli about charity, personal favorites and more.

What is Collections by Joya?

Collections by Joya is a curated collection of artisan-crafted jewelry and accessories. The company was born from our love of hand-crafted products discovered on our travels and our desire to give back and empower women around the world.

Your subscription boxes come with not only items, but gift wrap. Why?

We include gift wrap in each of our subscription boxes because there is a woman in each of our lives who should be celebrated. Whether it's a birthday, a thank-you or a little pick-me-up for someone that could use one, our philosophy of giving goes beyond our direct philanthropic endeavors.

Could you elaborate on that philanthropic aspect?

We are a company created by women, for women. Our primary goal in the creation of the company was to give back to women's causes in the communities where our product is created, and close to home. Proceeds from each purchase go directly to women's charities. Our partner in Bali – the Bali Life organization – provides food, shelter, education and job training to widows and their children who were previously living on the streets. In just a few months of launching Joya, we are now able to provide breakfast every day for every mother and child at the center. We are very proud that our small little startup is able to make a difference in this way, and we are so excited to see what the future holds for our giving-back initiatives.

What's behind the name “Collections by Joya”?

We researched words in other languages that represented the brand, and “joya” means “jewel” in Spanish. We loved how elegant and simple “Joya” sounded and looked on paper, and it just so happens that one of our partners is Spanish. The brand is a curated selection of items we love and is intended to be a seasonal collection, and so Collections by Joya was born.

How did you get your start in this field?

My career in furniture design has taken me to some amazing places through the years. I have been fortunate to meet and work with some amazing artisans around the globe. I've always had a passion for the beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry that is created in some amazing artist communities, like Bali, Indonesia, and Jaipur, India. On a recent trip to Bali, I had a light-bulb moment and decided to make this unique, artisan-crafted product available to everyone. I was lucky to be surrounded by terrific friends and colleagues who each brought a unique talent and skill set, creating the perfect group of partners for our endeavor.

What Collections by Joya piece are you most excited to wear this winter?

I am currently in love with our Druzy Stud Earrings. They're neutral enough to wear every day, but add the perfect amount of sparkle to make a statement.

Julia Christensen is a contributing writer for Ladue News. Outside of her reporting, she works in marketing, runs a fashion and lifestyle blog, and enjoys completing DIY projects.