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St. Louis-based K. Hall Studio expands product line with fall, winter and holiday goods


Photo courtesy of K. Hall Studio

K. Hall Studio’s cruelty-free, American-made, all-natural ingredients are tested in-house to ensure quality control. The company first launched in the metro area with handcrafted fragrances and personal care goods based on the homeopathic recipes of one of its founders, Kelley Barr, and now maintains four brands: Barr-Co., K. Hall Designs, Simpatico and U.S. Apothecary.

New product releases for 2022, including fall/winter and the approaching holiday season, include travel-ready hand salves, extra-long-burning candles and “treat-yourself” items for the bath and shower. Some of K. Hall’s most recent product releases are designed with gift-giving in mind, including smaller bath salt bags, which can be gifted individually or as a self-curated sampler set.

“Bath salts are something that everybody’s always excited about,” assistant creative director AJ Thouvenot says. “Everyone loves to relax. They’re all made with botanical extracts and organic ingredients to create a relaxing experience, [with] the added benefit that it is known to relieve stress and certain joint pain.”

The Simpatico line has released 64-ounce jars of its popular Hobnail candles. “It is a 164-hour candle, [has] three wicks and comes in a decorative jar,” Thouvenot says. “So it works as a centerpiece. I just think that would be great for people to bring in at the holiday time.”

Thouvenot says that customers have expressed excitement about the expansion of sugar-based body scrubs from the Barr Co. line to the signature Hall Designs line, which will be available in fan-favorite scents. Hand salves in every fragrance have been introduced to the U.S. Apothecary line, made in sizes that are easy to carry and offer skin protection for the wintertime.

A personal favorite for Thouvenot from the 2022 lineup includes the shower steamer. When placed at the base of the shower, where it can be indirectly sprayed by water, the product releases scent through a fragrant steam, adding a luxurious feel to one’s otherwise ordinary routine.

“I love the idea of a bath bomb, but I don’t take baths very frequently,” Thouvenot says. “Something like this lets me have a kind of experience while [in the] shower, which is easier for me [and] something that I think is really fun.”

Additional releases include two limited-edition holiday barrel candles and holiday fragrances for the Pura Smart Home fragrance diffuser, which is also sold through K. Hall Studio.

Look for announcements on K. Hall’s social media channels about its upcoming semiannual warehouse sale in November, during which shoppers can collect discontinued products and take advantage of exclusive offers.

K. Hall Studio, K. Hall Designs, 8416 Manchester Road, Brentwood; K. Hall Designs, 9831 Clayton Road, Ladue; 314-963-3293,

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