You’ve heard it a million times. “Live your best life” became everyone’s mantra in 2018, from social media hashtags depicting covetable scenes to lyrical genius in top-rated hip hop songs. It spread like wildfire – but few actually know how to live their best lives. Enter skinBe Med Spa, where finding fulfillment begins with one’s overall wellness.

“Our mission at skinBe is to be unlike any other medical spa,” declares Beth Donaldson, CEO (chief excellence officer, mind you). “We truly believe in helping our clients, not just on a superficial level, to look and feel their best – from the inside out.”

Donaldson launched skinBe in December 2017, drawing on her decade-plus experience in the medical spa industry to “connect the art of aesthetics with the science of wellness,” as she explains. Her vision unites cosmetic procedures with IV nutritional therapy to address not only what people outwardly present but how their body runs internally.

“IV nutritional therapy can build up people’s deficiencies,” Donaldson describes. The dripBar at skinBe allows clients to inject formulas that can conquer chronic pain, stress and anxiety, aging, sleep deprivation and more. These cocktail drips deliver a direct dose of nutrients that the body craves, boosting one’s energy through hydration.

Aesthetic injections improve one’s appearance, with neuromodulators, such as Botox, and dermal fillers that use hyaluronic acid to reverse the aging process. “Many believe that medical spas are only for the rich and famous – and that’s not the case,” Donaldson comments. “It’s as common as getting your nails done.”

The Chesterfield medical spa experienced its own transformation in March of this year when a car ran through the storefront, destroying the lobby, a treatment room and the staff office. Donaldson, who at the time sat behind her custom desk in the lobby, suffered minor injuries – but today, she and skinBe are coming back stronger than ever. “It gave us an opportunity to restart,” she describes. “I took things I had learned as a business owner and as a leader and have come back to do better.”

Donaldson reflects on the evolutionary process and now has a deeper appreciation for where she is on her path to betterment, which is mirrored in the rebirth of skinBe. Today, the newly reopened skinBe has launched its first franchise in Massachusetts and plans on even more expansion.

“The biggest thing now is being my authentic self, not only with our clients but with the community, my staff and anyone in my life,” Donaldson shares. “We want you to come as you are and, whatever that journey looks like [for you], let us help you to live your best life.”

skinBe Med Spa, 128 Chesterfield Valley Drive, Chesterfield, 636-778-7200,