There are jewelers that offer unique pieces, and then there is Genovese Jewelers and its Novia collection, which is redefining what it means to have a one-of-a-kind jewelry line.

“With the Novia line, 50 percent of what comes out we only make once and never again,” says Joe Genovese, owner and president. “The other 50 percent comes out maybe once a year. It’s truly an exclusive line.”

Novia, named for an Italian term of endearment, began when Genovese looked at the large amount of inventory that was being produced for the jewelers at their own facility. “I wanted to create our own line of jewelry that showcased what we were able to do in-house that other jewelers can’t.”

The team of designers at Genovese have been trained to view jewelry designing as an engineering process as much as, if not more than, fashion design. “People might think that they’re a designer, when what they mean is that they like jewelry,” Genovese says. “In reality, you have to make a piece that can be made and can be worn. They have to be comfortable and durable, and then you can worry about the beauty.”

Genovese talks through how the process of making Novia, and other custom jewelry, is done through Computer Aided Design (CAD). All pieces begin as an idea, drawn out between the designers. Once it has been approved, the CAD design team will create it through computer rendering and the finished image is sent to a 3D printer. The printed wax model is used to create a plaster impression that will be injected with the precious metal. From there, the raw casting is ready to be finished and set with the chosen stones.

This process, from start to finish, is done in-house, with customers able to give their input on the creation of their custom pieces every step of the way. “What I love about Novia is that it’s designed and manufactured in America - St Louis.” Genovese says. “There’s no mass-production or outsourcing to manufacturers over-seas.”

The result is pieces that someone can watch be created from an idea to a real, distinctive piece. “Customers love it.” Genovese explains that he takes new customers on a tour of the show room and then of the factory so they can see how designs go from the computer to creation. “People will tell me that they had no idea that we do the manufacturing as well.”

Genovese’s Novia collection and custom creations promise that the jewelry you come away with will be entirely original and the perfect gift for someone that’s one-of-a-kind to you.

Genovese Jewelers, 12460 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, 314-878-6203,