Barbershop accessories on wooden table. Barbershop background copy space

Barbershop accessories on wooden table. Barbershop background copy space.

In the metro area, the colder it grows during winter, the better the idea of a beard sounds. But wintry cold can blow in a myriad of bothers.

“The biggest struggle for a bearded man in the winter is dryness and maintenance,” says Matt Jones from Dapper Gents Grooming Lounge. “We have a product for every guy and his individual struggle, from keeping shape in those blistering winds to staying moisturized in the dry coldness of winter.”

Dapper Gents, which opened in downtown St. Louis in 2014, ranks as a luxury grooming lounge in every sense and offers more of an experience than you’ll find anywhere else in the area. Its retail shop offers high-quality menswear, featuring products from sport coats to watches and services from shoe shines to tailoring.

More significantly in context, those services include mustache trims, tailored haircuts, eyebrow waxes and, of course, facial hair maintenance efforts (among them straight shaves).

Jones outlines some of the best products – carried either in Dapper Gents’ bricks or clicks operation – to keep hirsute heroes effortlessly stylish this season.

Uppercut CT7 Flip Comb, $10.00. Every beard needs a good comb, with this one perfect for the guy on the go.

Reuzel Beard Foam, $12.56. For the dry or irritated beard, Jones recommends a leave-in conditioner like this lightly scented one from Reuzel that can be applied wet or dry.

Barrel Brands 595 Beard Oil, $35. Beard oil like this Missouri-made, all-natural option from Barrel Brands remains integral.

Uppercut Beard Balm, $18. Great beards need to be able to withstand the elements, and for that, as well as any particularly unruly whiskers, Jones recommends this all-natural beard balm from Uppercut.

Barrel Brands Base Layer, $20. Barrel Brands Base Layer (made with a proprietary oil blend, as well as shea butter and beeswax) will tame any and all facial hair.

Still unsure about which type of products to use? Visit Dapper Gents! All of its services include a mini consultation, a free beverage, hot towel service and a shoulder massage!

Dapper Gents Grooming Lounge, 1000 Washington Ave., No. 2, St. Louis, 314-925-8542,