line of vines

October ranks as the perfect time to explore the quaint town of Sonoma for wine tastings, art gallery visits and the breathtaking views of Northern California.

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Cinq à Sept dress, $345, Neiman Marcus (

stills 9_18_06.JPG

Lovestitch blouse, $68, Paisley Boutique (

stills 9_18_07.JPG

FRAME jeans, $235, Neiman Marcus

stills 9_18_08.JPG

ABS dress, $88, Rachel’s Grove (

stills 9_18_09.JPG

Lilla P cape, $228, Paisley Boutique

stills 9_18_21.JPG

Forestbound ESCAPE bag, $100, Paisley Boutique

stills 9_18_24.JPG

Necklace, $513, Vie (

stills 9_18_31.JPG

Dolce Vita booties, $140, Paisley Boutique

stills 9_18_32.JPG

Frasconi fedora, $298, Neiman Marcus

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