Tulum Caribbean beach in Riviera Maya

For years, fashionable and health-conscious folks have treasured the bohemian town of Tulum, Mexico, but now the word’s out about this laid-back beach locale – and the packing has never been easier!

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Willow & Clay dress, $82, Giddyup Jane (giddyupjane.com)

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JOY jumpsuit, $114, Cha Boutique (shop-cha.com)

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FRAME blouse, $364, Vie (viestlouis.com)

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FRAME top, $145, Neiman Marcus (neimanmarcus.com)

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America & Beyond shorts, $60, Cha Boutique

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Chloe sandals, $675, Neiman Marcus

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L*Space top, $88; bottoms, $99, Splash (splashtribe.com)

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Clutch, $45, Ivy Hill (ivyhillboutique.com)

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Earrings, $50, Ivy Hill

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Hat, $64, Nordstrom (shop.nordstrom.com)

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