Naples, Florida vibrant orange sunset, in gulf of Mexico with sun peeking in behind Pier wooden jetty, with horizon and dark silhouette ocean waves

When polar weather descends on the metro area, residents love to flock to one place perhaps more than any other: Naples, Florida. Its beautiful beaches, splendid shopping and delish dining make Naples a snowbird’s paradise – so why not dress to impress on your next paradisal pursuit?

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J.McLaughlin Matilda bamboo satchel, $178, J.McLaughlin (

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Joanna straw hat, $52, Nordstrom (

stills 12_10_16.JPG

Ray-Ban Phantos sunglasses, $178, Nordstrom

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La Blanca cover-up, $99, Splash (

stills 12_10_29.JPG

J.McLaughlin Wavesong tee, $168, J.McLaughlin

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THML top, $75, Ivy Hill (

stills 12_10_31.JPG

Veronica Beard dress, $595, Neiman Marcus (

stills 12_10_36.JPG

BaubleBar Emma earrings, $38, Nordstrom

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Joie Ronita puff-sleeve sweater, $278, Saks Fifth Avenue

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 Joe’s jeans, $168, Saks Fifth Avenue

Katie is a mom of 3 who loves cooking as much as fashion and secretly wishes she had and Sarah Conroy's job - food photography is what I wish I had a talent (outside of Instagram) for!