Grand Teton Mountains

The laid-back vibe of Jackson Hole makes it the perfect summer mountain vacation. Top-notch food and entertainment augment sprawling vistas, craggy peaks and a quaint town square – so pack your most stylish western dude-ranch duds for a magical Wyoming escape!

stills 4_11_08.jpg

Frame skirt, $225, Neiman Marcus (

stills 4_11_09.jpg

Veronica Beard floral silk top, $350, Neiman Marcus

stills 4_11_10.jpg

Skirt, $199, Vie (

stills 4_11_11.jpg

Bandana wrap, $178,Vie

stills 4_11_12.jpg

Driftwood jacket, $188, Giddyup Jane (

stills 4_11_13.jpg

Parker dress, $318, Saks Fifth Avenue (

stills 4_11_14.jpg

Paige jeans, $249, Neiman Marcus

stills 4_11_21.jpg

Old Gringo boots, $420, Giddyup Jane

stills 4_11_24.jpg

Necklace, $325, Vie

Katie is a mom of 3 who loves cooking as much as fashion and secretly wishes she had Matt Sorrell and Sarah Conard's jobs combined. Food photography is what I wish I had a talent (outside of Instagram) for!