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Ladue orthodontist designs beauty products to enhance patients’ smiles

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BOCA Studio in Ladue is giving St. Louisans all the more reason to smile with a line of new beauty products to complement the services provided by orthodontist Dr. Erin Fraundorf.

“With BOCA orthodontic and whitening studio, I wanted the office to cater to the entire experience,” Fraundorf says. “Most products are based on not just looking at the patient’s teeth, but looking at the whole body.”

Fraundorf takes into consideration how one feels after sitting in the dentist’s chair and has found a way to extend her care beyond patients’ appointment window.

“Your cheeks get stretched out when you go to the dentist, which can be uncomfortable, and then your lips will need a little love,” she says. “BOCA Lip Love is like a lip balm. It’s a very smooth product.”

BOCA’s lip exfoliant features all organic ingredients, which, Fraundorf teases, makes the beauty remedy edible. With all BOCA products, she takes a holistic approach.

“When I went into dentistry, everything used is disposable,” the orthodontist says. “There are reusable options for some things, but we never want to compromise patient care, and everything must be sterilized. I wanted to embrace sustainability as much as possible without compromising patient care.”


Photo courtesy of BOCA Studio

To that end, most items found inside the ultra-white studio space are reusable and made of either glass or stainless steel, including the lip exfoliant, which is housed in a travel-sized glass jar. BOCA Studio also carries OJOOK, the eco-friendly line of oral care products, with which the BOCA bamboo toothbrush pairs well.

“Plastic is unavoidable, like in our whitening pens,” Fraundorf adds. “I try to be conscious as much as possible and try to be intentional with every decision I make when choosing products.”

She notes that BOCA’s whitening pens are ideal for on-the-go touch-ups to one’s smile. “I love red wine, but I don’t love what happens to your teeth [when you drink it],” Fraundorf says. “Let’s face it: None of us are going to stop drinking our coffee or red wine. [The whitening pen is] a little glow-up as you go!”

For patients who wear an Invisalign clear tray, which is offered at BOCA Studio, the BOCA Aligner Refresh can be a game-changer. Fraundorf calls it a tool that multi-tasks. With one squirt, the refresher neutralizes tray odor and provides a gentle whitening agent to enhance those pearly whites.

“When transforming a smile, so much more than the exterior changes,” Fraundorf adds. “There’s confidence-building. My patients sit upright more – have more pride in their smile. The experience is amazing. I really respect the internal connection with the smile.”

BOCA Studio, 9727 Clayton Road, Ladue, 314-907-2622,

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