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First-Person Account: In Search of the Perfect Look

First-Person Account: In Search of the Perfect Look

Yours truly is getting married this summer, and amid all the planning, it’s hard to believe that my fiancé and I soon will be looking through the photos of our wedding day, reminiscing as we settle into our new life together. Even further down the line, we’ll be showing those same photos many times over to friends and family—and more than likely, to the next generation.

So, what will those pictures say about me? That I was fun-loving and relaxed? That I was glamorous and sophisticated? That’s a lot of pressure. To decide, I asked three area salons to help me try out some different looks:


Blown Away Blow Dry Bar

Brittany Summers is the bridal coordinator at Blown Away, so she has plenty of expertise in this area. For a ‘romantic’ look, she suggested keeping things pretty natural, which is a request she gets from a lot of brides. For the makeup, she used an airbrush technique—perfect because it’s waterproof—and added some contouring to define my features. Then, she used the secret weapon (OK, not-so-secret, it’s highlighter) on my cheeks, the inside corners of my eyes, below the brow bone, and on the bow of the lip. She mixed two of Blown Away’s house lip colors for a custom look, and added mini false eyelashes to make my eyes pop for pictures. For my hair, she created a loose bun with a few curls for accent.


Dominic Michael Salon

For a ‘sophisticated’ look, Dominic Michael hair stylist Heather Costello created a sleek and defined updo. She first curled and set my hair, then swept the tendrils around, carefully placing them so that you can’t see where one strand ends and another one begins. Since everything was nice and secure, I wouldn’t have to worry about curls falling throughout the day, or frizz showing up in the photos. For the makeup, stylist Liz Von Gruben asked about my everyday makeup routine, using my preferences and stepping them up a notch. She kept the look natural, filling in my brows, and using a mixture of nude and light pink lipstick. “You want the bride to like the look when they see their pictures 10 years from now or 50 years from now; not just think it looks good on that one day,” Von Gruben says.


Breeze Blow Dry Bar

Let’s face it, as the bride, I’m going to be the center of attention on that day (and no, I’m not a bride-zilla, I promise. It’s a fact!). That said, maybe I’ll want a more dramatic look. Alex London at Breeze was happy to oblige, using glo minerals to craft some really bold makeup, defining both my lips and eyes with vivid color. She added some false eyelashes, and I’ve got to say, they really made my eyes pop in this picture! For the hair, she created lots of volume and texture, spinning the curls into an elaborate bun that looks great from any angle, and would look fantastic with a veil.

I can’t tell you which look I picked, because my fiancé reads Ladue News, too! But these creative stylists absolutely gave me something to think about!

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