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History & Mission

Caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be an overwhelming responsibility, fraught with specific, unique challenges and few available resources.

That is why Memory Care Home Solutions (MCHS) was created. The organization’s mission is to extend time at home for families caring for individuals with memory impairment, focused on helping lessen the stress on the caregiver and minimize health care costs.

Founder Lisa Baron, JD served as director of real estate development at Parc Provence, an Alzheimer’s residential community extension of The Gatesworth, before founding MCHS in 2002. After watching her father-in-law care for his wife with Alzheimer’s, Baron was inspired to get involved directly. “We saw him go without eating or sleeping or going out,” Baron says. “He was our inspiration – caregivers are unsung heroes who are doing incredible, thankless work.”

MCHS provides social workers and occupational therapists over a year-long period, doing home visits customized for what is needed. Caregivers receive a guide book that provides a framework to apply to what their situation needs the most.

Starting as a research project with Washington University and a pilot of 10 people, MCHS has grown significantly. “Last year we served 130,000 families,”

Baron says. “Not many university protocols live beyond the university setting. We’ve been able to grow because of our generous funders.”

Memories & Melodies Gala

The Memories & Melodies gala is an important fundraiser for MCHS, but it’s so much more than that. “Many people don’t know about nonprofits,” Baron explains. “There are 400 to 500 people at the event and it gets our name out so people can connect their friends and family to us.” The event also sets out to honor three individuals who have been instrumental in the growth of MCHS.

The first, William A. Peck, MD, is a founding member of the organization’s advisory council and was dean of the Washington University School of Medicine when Baron first began research on the need for home training for family’s dealing with memory impairment. “[Peck] said from the very beginning that there was a need for this,” Baron confirms. Peck will be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Vicky Fraser, MD, the Chairman of the Washington University Department of Medicine, and Steve Miller, Chief Clinical Officer at Cigna will each be receiving an Alzheimer’s Community Service Award. Both have been involved in the MCHS strategic planning and leadership team since 2002.

Baron calls these honorees rock stars, adding, “I cannot think of [anyone] more deserving. They’ve been so beneficial in terms of guidance, leadership and funding, and have helped give us legitimacy.”


Memory Care Home Solutions 13th Memories & Melodies gala

  • Wednesday, Nov. 6
  • The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis
  • Join MCHS for a dinner, raffle and presentation by neurosurgeon Eric Leuthardt, MD – as well as the honoring of three longtime MCHS supporters. For more information on how to register visit memorycarehs.org