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Weight Loss and Transformation Coach Charles D'Angelo Teaches the Power of Positivity

Weight Loss and Transformation Coach Charles D'Angelo Teaches the Power of Positivity

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Motivation is only one part of the equation that leads to life-changing makeovers, as clients of Charles D’Angelo will tell you. The nationally renowned weight loss and transformation coach wants more than for his clients to simply see the numbers on the scale drop. Those seeking his guidance can expect a self-revolution.

“When you have a powerful why, the how is simple,” D’Angelo says. “In coaching, we work to reconnect you with your greatest resource: your resourcefulness.”

Positive self-image is the ultimate endgame, turning motivation into capability. Take Marion Hollander, who shed 110 pounds.

Her future once seemed bleak, with constant pain due to obesity. Hollander understood the difficulty her family might someday face, having provided for her ailing mother who had passed from colon cancer three years prior.

“If my family had to take care of me, there’s no way they could with the weight I was carrying,” she says.

Hollander is grateful for D’Angelo’s three-legged approach to weight loss success, changing her relationship with food, exercise and, most importantly, working on her mindset. Down to her goal weight and off all but one medication, Hollander has been celebrating in style.

“I feel so good about the things that I am wearing, and I have fun with it!” the Mary Kay consultant says. “I loved myself enough to do what needed to be done.”

An athlete all her life, Lori Czeschin expected relief after knee replacement surgery. Her extra weight had other plans. “I felt miserable,” she recalls.

One call to D’Angelo, several months and a new routine later, and she’s a new woman. “It’s amazing how quickly your mindset can change,” Czeschin says. “It’s second nature to me now. It’s accountability. I feel so much better.”

As a senior at Christian Brothers College High School, Christian Vitale came to D’Angelo seeking to reclaim enthusiasm for life.

“My weight caused me to miss out on things,” he says. “I was depressed. I had waited three hours in line for a roller coaster and couldn’t fit. At that point, I was like, okay, I need to do something about this.”

Adapting to a new relationship with food initially proved tough, but he appreciates the payoff, which includes better fitting clothes and increased energy levels. The biggest reward, however, came unexpectedly.

“I’ve inspired friends and family members to live healthier,” Vitale says. “There’s nothing better than someone telling you they’re inspired by the progress that you’ve made.”

D’Angelo continues to revolutionize people’s way of thinking. “I’ve been there – obese, bullied, lonely and fearful,” he says. “Given my biography, I could have been the king of excuses. If you will tap your courage to take the first step and reach out to meet, it can be the start of an entirely new life.”

Charles D’Angelo, 314-495-3228,

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