Your dreams for the future are inextricably linked to your finances. UMB Private Wealth Management recognizes that and augments financial plans with each client’s unique vision for the years to come, so that his or her hopes stand the best chance of becoming a reality.

“At UMB, our process begins with understanding our clients’ stories, who they are, and what are their priorities and objectives,” says Phil Klevorn, senior VP and Private Wealth regional manager. “From there, we come back with solutions to help them reach those goals.”

Occasionally, new dreams are born from watching one come to an end. UMB prides itself on developing an exit strategy for business owners that pays respect to the legacy that they have built while allowing room for continued growth.

“One of the biggest challenges at times is the emotion that is tied to [these situations],” Klevorn shares. “We recognize clients have spent years and years building up their business. Exiting from it is an emotional experience.”

The credible advisors at UMB earn the trust of their clients by keeping them informed about how to create stability for their self-grown business with the added reassurance of finding a way to keep a client’s vision intact. These financial gurus are able to offer this support by continuing to grow their individual talents.

“The team here is really tuned into professional development opportunities,” Klevorn explains. “That entails everything from web classes on the new tax code to three-day seminars on trust planning. We also have a lot of in-house opportunities, including discussions and seminars.”

This education even continues beyond business hours. “Everybody on this team, including me, are prolific readers,” he adds. “We’re dialed into The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News, The Economist and even on the local scene, with items like the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. We know not only the technical demands [needed] but also the softer skills to lead clients through our process.”

The full-service wealth management team boasts expertise in private banking, investments management, trust management, estate planning, wealth transfer and business exits, which Klevorn states are “the pillars of successful financial planning.”

“At the end of the day, it’s about our clients,” he says. “It’s about what they need and how we meet those needs. We’re dialed into all aspects of [financial planning] to help our clients get to where they need to be.”

UMB Private Wealth Management, 314-612-8013, umb.com/privatewealth

From left to right, Phillip Klevorn, Gayle Goddard, Kenny Dow, Greg Aman, Chad Treacy