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Rohan Woods School Provides Students with Engaging, In-Person Learning

Rohan Woods School Provides Students with Engaging, In-Person Learning

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Rohan Woods School was founded in 1937 with the mission to provide a space for learners who thrive in a smaller setting.

The coed school, which teaches children from age 2 to sixth grade, emphasizes three tenets – respect, responsibility and leadership – and approaches academics through a project-based lens.

“Our students work in small groups, learn to conduct research and how to be productive members of a team,” explains head of school Sam Templin-Page. “From an education perspective, we get to check in real time that students have acquired skills and know when, where and how to use them.”

The project learning culminates in an event each spring and fall where families come in to see what students have learned. Students become experts in their particular subject and internalize the concepts they study, rather than learning exclusively through memorization and testing.

With so much of the curriculum based on project and group learning, it makes sense that Rohan Woods School put all its efforts into reopening in-person learning as soon as it could safely do so. “I had a medical team that I used for consultation that assisted in guiding me,” Templin-Page says. “They know us personally and were able to give us advice based on the set up of our building.”

The school’s campus was already set up well for in-class learning, with each classroom having a door to the outside, allowing for staggered opening and dismissal times with minimal crossover contact. “The school’s design and well-researched COVID practices give us confidence in our child’s safety,” says Rohan Woods parent Margaret Scavotto.

Rohan Woods School was able to reopen fully in August. “It was heartwarming to see these students back on their first day of school,” Templin-Page says. “They were very emotional to be in each other’s presence. They were just beaming with happiness to be around their friends.”

Templin-Page adds that Rohan Woods is constantly seeking more information about COVID-19 and has a weekly COVID communication with parents and staff. “The transparency and communication from Mrs. Page set the stage for me to feel safe entering the school building every day,” says teacher Emily Otterson.

Rohan Woods School will host a virtual visit on April 20. Register online to learn more about the school, its COVID-19 response and its project-based programming.

Rohan Woods School, 1515 Bennett Ave., St. Louis, 314-821-6270,

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