1508 Greening Lane

        Three waterfalls, a 1,500-gallon pond, and a stream bed beckon so many winged visitors that this wooded garden was registered as a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat in 2008. Through observation and cameras, the homeowners have recorded the arrival of more than 106 species of birds. A butterfly garden, created in the shape of a Monarch butterfly wing, adds fluttering color, while a screened-in gazebo with treehouse style gives human guests a chance to watch the action. 

305 Wyndmoor Terrace Court

    “There is no such thing as too much pond.” That’s the word from the homeowners who created this stunning tropical landscape incorporating 30 waterfalls and 40,000 gallons of water. After researching water gardens for two years, they broke ground on the project in 2000, creating ponds and gardens accented with more than 200 tons of hand-selected weathered fieldstone. The sunny main pond is 60 feet by 15 feet, and underwater cameras provide a unique view of the abundant and colorful koi.

247 North Price Road

    Sometimes a vision really does come to life. When this homeowner surveyed her deep backyard, rife with invasive honeysuckle and drainage problems, she imagined a cliff, a beach and the ocean. This Asian-inspired haven of tranquility brings that dream to life with an infinity pool, a simple but expansive white deck and an abundance of gently waving prairie dropseed ornamental grass. In a secluded corner, an octagonal yoga deck is just the place to master the Downward-Facing Tree.