New Approaches

Acupuncture is used by holistic practitioners as an alternative to a traditional surgical facelift.

If you’re curious about the latest in beauty treatments, think ‘current’ not ‘cutting edge.’ According to local experts, procedures utilizing electromagnetic energy, biofeedback and acupuncture can help you look your best without scalpels.

    To look younger, you must first feel younger, because outer beauty is a reflection of inner health, says Zach LaBoube, chiropractor at InsideOut Wellness and Acupuncture. “The body’s intrinsic needs can be discovered with technologies like Bio-Impedance Analysis (BIA), an assessment of tissue and fluid in the body, says LaBoube. BIA measures the resistance (‘impedance’) of electrical current as it travels through the water found in muscle and fat.

     “This is a diagnostic tool,” he explains. “If you’re trying to lose weight, its real value is that it actually shows the conversion of fat to lean. Say the first week of your diet you lose 3 pounds. The BIA scale will give you a printout that shows the percentage of water, fat and muscle. It will tell you if you’re only losing water, which is common in the early part of a weight-loss plan,” says LaBoube. “Or maybe you hit a plateau, according to your bathroom scale. The BIA can illustrate if you’ve actually lost fat and gained muscle.”

    LaBoube emphasizes that the assessment is a valuable aid in a realistic fitness program, saying, “There is no magic pill for weight loss, but the right tools can help you reach your goal. BIA is most useful in combination with dieting and exercise. We have many clients from Clayton Pilates, for example, who use the BIA to monitor their progress. They tell us the BIA printout is very motivating, especially on the refrigerator. It makes you think twice before you open the door because it gives you the information to make the right choices.”

    A SCIO (subconscious computerized integrative operating) system utilizes non-invasive, advanced technology to scan the body and find energy imbalances and health issues, explains Richard Meyers of La Gianna Chiropractic Health Spa. “SCIO work is based on the concept that your body knows exactly how it needs to be healed. The SCIO gives us the tools to listen and then provide the best remedies. Your body’s symptoms, as well as the origin of disease, will reveal themselves. We will know where your body is in need of hormonal healing, for example, or perhaps nutritional healing is needed.”

    Describing how SCIO technology applies to beauty, Meyers says, “What’s the symptom? Saggy eyes or dark circles? Ninety percent of that is due to bladder or kidney issues,” he says. “So many skin conditions begin in the liver. If the liver cannot detoxify, this affects the kidneys, which then affects the skin. SCIO processes the information from the scan through special software that provides the proper healing frequencies.”

    Throughout its history, acupuncture has been used to address chronic ailments and pain, but it also can help a patient achieve a more glowing complexion, says Afua Bromley, a licensed acupuncturist with St. Louis Acupuncture. “The benefit of acupuncture for the skin begins internally,” she explains. “It helps increase blood flow to the skin, which helps with skin cell regeneration. This aids in the reduction of wrinkles by toning and firming for a younger appearance. Besides the face, we may use a combination of body points for an individual’s problem areas.” Bromley explains that many factors can impact skin health. “Stress is always a negative factor, not only for the skin, but for overall health. Stress, overexposure to sun, and poor eating and sleeping habits are terrible for the skin, and these are all factors that can be balanced with acupuncture.”

        Bromley suggests patients interested in an acupuncture facelift plan on repeat treatments, saying, “The general protocol for an acupuncture facelift is about 10 sessions over a three to four week period. Dietary and lifestyle recommendations are also included.”