Dr. Judith Gurley Plastic Surgery

CF: Judith Gurley, M.D., From L-R: Kelli Murphy, Ivy Filson, Colleen Bayer, Suzie Massaro

Plastic surgery in its purest sense means 'to mold.' For plastic surgeon Dr. Judith Gurley, this means to transform the body either through reconstructive or cosmetic plastic surgery. Her focus, dedication and compassion are obvious even from the first meeting with her.

Gurley spent several years as an assistant professor of surgery at Washington University in St. Louis, teaching residents and operating on children with congenital deformities. Traveling to underdeveloped countries and offering her services to underprivileged women with breast cancer have been some of the highlights of her career.

Her love of drawing and her credentials from the Faculty of American College of Surgeons and the American Board of Plastic Surgeons give her a unique edge in the plastic surgery field. She draws body

outlines for her patients, which assures them that she sees what they see. Then the transformation begins as Gurley helps patients visualize the possibilities.

Gurley opened her solo practice in Chesterfield in May 2007 to reflect her unique style. She believes the environment in a doctor’s office should be soothing, tasteful and private. The office is designed to allow both male and female patients to come and go discreetly. “Clients also really like the peacefulness and the range of services our facility offers,” she notes.

An enticing medical spa is integrated into her practice as a stand-alone service and to support the results of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. Overseeing all spa treatments, Gurley believes spa patients should enjoy a soothing, refreshing experience, and at the same time learn how best to care for their own skin with individually tailored skin care regimens.

Medical and therapeutic massages also are part of her total practice experience, and continue to grow in popularity. “Massage can decrease swelling, ease tension and speed recovery after surgery,” she says. “Deep tissue and lymphatic drainage massage performed regularly can help our bodies handle stress and reduce the build-up of toxins in the tissues. We want our clients to look good and feel good.”

Focusing on Patient Comfort…

The full range of cosmetic and spa services offered by Dr. Judith Gurley would not be possible without her dedicated, hard working medical staff. “Patient comfort is our No. 1 priority. With this team, I’m able to bring my expertise and our services together in creative ways to help our clients understand options for approaching their cosmetic issues. Together, we develop a customized plan to help them feel better about themselves.”