Just how far would you drive to your favorite store? When the folks at Metro Lighting realized how many of their customers were coming from Chesterfield, it just made sense for the popular lighting showroom to ‘go west!’ The newest Metro showroom, at 17485 N. Outer Forty Road., will celebrate its grand opening in October. “At about 13,000 square feet, it isn’t quite as large as our Brentwood showroom (one of the largest in the country), but it’s very state-of-the-art!” says Metro Lighting owner Bill Frisella.

The new showroom will have a comprehensive selection of LED lighting options, an important consideration with pending government regulations. “It’s an interesting time we live in if you’re in the lighting business,” Frisella says. “There’s a lot of things happening with bulbs—LEDs, incandescent, compact fluorescents. LEDs are becoming more and more popular, we’re selling a ton of them. In some cases, they’re an integral part of the fixture itself, especially recessed fixtures.” The popular bulbs are not limited to brand new fixtures, he notes. “If you have an older lamp or light fixture you really like, it can be retrofitted with LEDs. They’re a great idea, because they’re incredibly efficient—about 85 percent more efficient than a comparable incandescent bulb. They are more expensive, but the price is coming down drastically. And you aren’t going to have to change an LED bulb for 20 to 25 years.” Early versions cast a bluish light that was not popular with consumers, he adds, but new technology means that LED bulbs have a warm white glow that is indistinguishable from an incandescent bulb.

For customers who aren’t quite sure where to begin, Metro offers in-home designers to help with what can be an involved process. “We can help you lay out the design, choose your lights, whatever you need,” Frisella says. Personal service is foremost to the company’s philosophy, and Frisella takes that responsibility very personally. “Honestly, that is at the top of my mind, every single day—service, service, service. We make a genuine effort to be fast, friendly and courteous. It’s very important to me!”

In addition to the focus on service, Frisella also is proud of the company’s Energy Star Award from the EPA, which recognizes outstanding contributions to protecting the environment. The award was a particular coup for Metro, he explains. “Not only are we the only retail showroom in the country to receive that award, we’ve done it two years in a row.” The company also has been recognized with two ARTS awards, a premier awards program held annually at Dallas market. “We were chosen as the nicest showroom in the country!”

October is more than the grand opening of the newest Metro Lighting showroom—it’s also the time for Light the Way for a Cure, the company’s annual event benefitting cancer research. “We also have a charity golf tournament, the Columbus Day Tournament, to benefit ADD and learning disability research,” Frisella notes. The tournament honors the memory of his late son, Philip.

The grand opening promises to be a good time, Frisella says. “We’ll have a huge sale, parties for designers and builders, and lots of prizes and giveaways for everyone. We’re all very excited about our new showroom!”