Moneta Group

Moneta Group principals Karl Dunajcik, Debra Light, Julie Bahr and Matt Fisher

When Moneta Group welcomed its first client through the doors in 1905, President Teddy Roosevelt was in his second term and ‘westward expansion’ of the U.S. was almost complete.

Just over a century later, Moneta Group has completed its own westward expansion, opening a new branch office in Chesterfield.

Julie Bahr is the managing principal at the new location. Bahr, a principal with Moneta since 2001, says the company is looking forward to the new space. “We’re very excited! Our new location gives us the opportunity to offer customized financial services to successful families in Chesterfield, Wildwood and other West County communities.” Bahr notes that the second office has been “in the works” for a few years. “The Clayton office is not convenient for all of our clients, so this new office is really for them.”

Describing Moneta’s comprehensive array of financial planning services, Bahr says a personalized, distinctive plan is always emphasized. “We are recognized for our customized approach for families with complex financial needs, and the key to that approach is flexibility,” she explains. “It might be multi-generational estate planning, or planning for education expenses or retirement. Every family is different. As your ‘family CFO,’ we help you reach your financial goals just like the CFO of a corporation would do.” The relationship between an advisor and a client is a very personal one, Bahr believes. “I schedule consistent, regular meetings with my clients to determine what needs to be done to ensure their financial success.”

Bahr believes that Moneta’s level of service—referred to as ‘Raving Fans’ service for Ken Blanchard’s book of the same name—is the primary reason for the company’s word-of-mouth success through generations. “We very rarely advertise. We want people to walk away from us thinking Wow! I’m so impressed with what you have done for me! We provide a level of service that you can’t find anywhere else.”

In 2010 Moneta Group received approval from the Missouri Division of Finance to create Moneta Trust, a division of National Advisors Trust, the largest independent trust company in the U.S. “This relationship will allow our clients to be better able to protect their wealth,” Bahr says. “Working in tandem with Moneta Trust and their Moneta family CFO, clients can make the important decisions necessary to safeguard their estate.”

Bahr will be joined at the Chesterfield office by principals Karl Dunajcik, Matt Fisher and Debra Light. “Matt just joined Moneta in September, bringing our total number of principals to 30. He adds more than a decade of financial expertise to our team, and has an excellent grasp and appreciation for Moneta’s core values.”

Bahr says her love of the financial services industry is shared by the other principals. “I’m very passionate about what I do, and I believe my partners feel the same way. We love working with our clients, we love coming to the office, we love our jobs!”