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Evora Women’s Health Provides Comprehensive Wellness Care


Pictured: (Back Row) Abby Kipping, Katie Martin, Veronica Lane, Brian Sylve, Lindsey Niko, Chloe Grabenhorst (Front Row) Becky Lynn, MD, Laurie Killmade

When it comes to women’s health, imagine having all the services you need in one supportive space. That’s where Evora Women’s Health comes in, ready to provide concierge service based around what you need most.

Started by Dr. Becky Lynn, MD, gynecologist, Evora Women’s Health is a boutique wellness center that focuses on comprehensive, evidence based, health care solutions. The concierge model allows for stronger doctor-patient relationships, unhurried visits and time to create personalized wellness plans in a comfortable and supportive space.

“Dr. Becky takes time to talk to you about your health,” says patient Laura Killmade. “They don’t have just a gynecologist in that office. They have everything to do with a woman’s whole well-being. That’s what drew me to there and to be able to keep my records there. All the services they provide under one roof really helped me.”

Killmade met Lynn in a business networking group and was surprised to hear her describe many of the problems she dealt with as a woman in her mid-40s. These were things that her doctors had never brought up, and so when she was due for a checkup, she went to Evora first.

Killmade adds that the massage therapy and acupuncture services offered at Evora have helped with her depression and anxiety and that the pelvic floor therapy has greatly improved her bladder problems, something she was reticent to bring up with her other health care providers.

“I had never talked about it – it’s embarrassing,” she says. “Doctors don’t talk about it, but Dr. Becky did and it was huge. It’s easy to talk about here, and that’s such an important thing.”

In addition, Evora offers primary care, management of peri/menopausal symptoms, sexual health, esthetic services, weight-loss programs, personal training and much more. Evora’s website also includes links to additional resources and educational materials for women interested in learning more about their health.

“Evora has truly changed my life,” Killmade concludes. “It’s amazing. I go in about three times a month for all of my appointments, and I love it.”

Evora Women’s Health, 845 N. New Ballas Ct., Suite 310, St. Louis, 314-934-0551,

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