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The Little Bit Foundation Serves Families in Need Through its New Feeding Hope Program
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The Little Bit Foundation Serves Families in Need Through its New Feeding Hope Program


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, while people, organizations and industries have had to adapt to survive, The Little Bit Foundation, a local nonprofit organization, has found a way to foster hope through impactful initiatives.

Enter Feeding Hope, a new program that launched as a way to use Little Bit’s valuable resources to better benefit the community through these unprecedented times. The initiative has uncovered ways to ensure families within its school districts have ongoing access to food throughout the pandemic.

“We have an army of people around us helping our kids,” CEO Rose Hanley says. “We create programs as we see the need and gaps in [community] services. With Feeding Hope, we were immediately and almost instinctively aware that there would be families who couldn’t get to [food] distribution sites – families who can’t get to pantries or school locations. We decided to create a direct distribution to the most vulnerable families.”

By assessing the needs of local families, Little Bit can implement a strategy that is best suited for each client. Some families may have allergies, so the organization completes grocery runs that address unique dietary needs. Other families are able to acquire limited provisions on their own, so the nonprofit supplies pantry staples that it has received through donations.

“One family we’ve heard of is a grandma who is in her early 90s, taking care of her six grandchildren,” Hanley says. “[For] another family, [the] mom was at the hospital with her son, who had COVID-19; her other kids were at home, old enough to stay home and watch their brothers but not of driving age. [For] another family, the mom has cancer and can’t put herself in harm’s way to go out in public. These are the types of families we identify.”

The Feeding Hope program aligns with the organization’s main mission to uplift impoverished children through education. The organization partners with schools to identify and aid children through integrated deliveries of essential needs. By providing coats, proper-fitting shoes and clothing, glasses and more, Little Bit helps children to focus on their personal growth and to improve their self-esteem.

“One of the beauties of this [initiative] is, it’s not only stuff,” Hanley says of the true impact of Little Bit’s deliveries. “It’s caring. It’s kindness and understanding. It’s powerful.”

To apply for the Feeding Hope program or to contribute to Little Bit, visit the foundation’s website. 

The Little Bit Foundation, 516 Hanley Industrial Court, Brentwood, 314-669-0040,

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