The first thing you notice are the windows, bathing the well-named room in eastern and southern light. For the Diane Breckenridge design team, the windows were definitely the main attraction. “Most of the time, when you walk through a house, you’re drawn to a certain room,” says designer Colleen Ertl. “This is such a great little corner in the house! You can just picture people gathered here, enjoying it.”

     Wanting to highlight the windows but not cover them up, the designers chose a light, textured knit for the draperies. “The fabric has a nice hand,” explains Ertl. “It’s light and breezy, but it gives some warmth to the room, and also helps with sound control.” Painted drapery rods draw the eye upward, emphasizing the room’s statuesque height.

     The designers chose a warm gold for the walls and ceiling, in a tone that complements the pewter-gray shade of the solarium floor. The golden color reappears as the background of upholstery fabric for the two accent chairs. “It’s a great traditional print, but with a great pop of a brighter color—sort of a paprika-persimmon.”  The color is carried throughout the room on pillows and trim.

     A substantial étagère in one corner, so perfectly situated it appears to be made for the space, displays ceramic and porcelain accessories, and an area rug makes the solarium floor barefoot-friendly.

Diane Breckenridge Interiors: Diane Breckenridge-Barrett, Maureen Russell, Colleen Ertl, Melissa Buckley


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