WHERE: St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church and School, 4711 Tamm Ave.

WHEN: Fridays during Lent, 4 to 7 p.m.

HOW MUCH: $9 for adult dinners, $6 for children/ seniors dinners. Beer and soda available for an additional cost.

St. Gabriel’s offered the best of the traditional Lenten fish fry: fried or baked cod, fried shrimp, fried catfish and jack salmon. There also was an array of classic sides: pasta with red sauce, mac n’ cheese, green beans, cole slaw and fries. Dinners came with two sides, bread, dessert, and tea or lemonade. For an additional $1, diners could get a Pastor’s Platter, which added two shrimp to any dinner plate. We really like the varied ala carte menu at St. Gabriel. There was a grilled cheese sandwich and a cheese pizza option, perfect meatless options for those picky eaters in the party, or for those who just like to switch things up a bit. Fried or baked cod was available by the pound and fried shrimp by the dozen, a great option for supplying a Friday evening get-together at home or maybe a Lenten picnic at nearby Francis Park. The St. Gabriel fish fry featured real plates and flatware, which we always appreciate, and we have to say the portions served were by far the biggest of any fry we’ve visited this season. We definitely didn’t leave hungry!

THE ‘REEL’ DEAL: The St. Gabriel fish fry was held in the cafeteria of the church’s school just around the corner from the church proper on Nottingham Avenue, though the entrance to the fry was most accessible around the next corner on the Murdoch Avenue side of the campus. St. Gabriel had separate take-out and dinein lines, which definitely reduced the wait time and made the whole process run smoothly. We arrived about a half-hour into the fry (and found there was plenty of street parking), and made our way through the line and to our seats in about 10 minutes. The cafeteria provided plenty of seating, and there was even a big screen TV set up to entertain the crowd. Once we were done, there were several attentive bussers ready to clear our trays. Those looking for huge portions and a trouble- free experience should head to St. Gabriel.