When I first read about this movie—a bicycle-messenger action flick—I mentally filed it under ‘vapid teen extreme-sports movie.’ You know, the rebellious group of fringe high school kids who turn to skateboarding/hip hop/BMX-racing/competitive hair-styling/interpretative dance to channel their angst and succeed in life. Then, three little words caught my eye: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Since his brilliant indie-film comeback, (500) Days of Summer, the man can do no wrong. Well, he can do a little wrong.

The premise is simple. Gordon-Levitt plays Wilee, a Columbia Law School graduate who can’t bring himself to take a desk job, so he works as a bike messenger. At the end of his shift one day, he has one final run: a small white envelope that needs to go from Columbia to Chinatown. If you guessed the envelope was important and valuable and dangerous, and that bad people were trying to stop the delivery, give yourself a gold star.

And that’s it, cat and mouse. The real star of the show is the cycling— the psychotic Manhattan street cycling. If you’ve either almost killed a bike messenger or been killed by one, you know what I mean. If Joseph Gordon-Levitt did his own stunts, then he definitely has some experience in the field. He’s a talented guy, but I cannot tell you to run right out and see this one. It's a 5.