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Hit and Run: Movie Review

Hit and Run: Movie Review

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When you see previews for this movie, you see a shoot-‘em-up action flick or a car chase/revenge thriller when in actuality, this is a romantic comedy—a violent romantic comedy, but nonetheless. Real-life couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard co-star, and do most of the work behind the camera, as well. They also managed to assemble an A-list supporting cast for this quirky, engaging story.

Annie (Bell) meets Charlie (Shepard) in a sleepy Western town where she teaches at a junior college and he is in witness protection. Annie knows this; but hey, not everyone in witness protection is a criminal—it is called ‘witness’ protection. Their life is calm and uneventful with only an occasional commotion-filled visit from Charlie’s U. S. Marshall, Randy (Tom Arnold), interrupting their routine. All that changes when Annie is offered a dream job opportunity in Los Angeles, and Charlie—rather than risk losing her—literally decides to return to the scene of the crime. Well, you will be shocked to learn it doesn’t take long for Charlie’s former associates, Alex (Bradley Cooper) and Allen (Ryan Hansen), to learn of his re-emergence.

I found this movie, how shall I put it, unobjectionable. Shepard and Bell have great chemistry and the supporting cast is loaded with talent. Even some of the smallest cameos are played by familiar faces—one can’t help but wonder what’s on the cutting room floor. The comedy is hit or miss—it’s hard to pull off a good prison rape joke— nevertheless, this was a decent, well-acted movie.

It's a 7.

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