For those of you unfamiliar with Jennifer Westfeldt, she is the mind behind the articulate, original 2002 romantic comedy, Kissing Jessica Stein. Here, she reunites her real-life partner, Jon Hamm, with most of his Bridesmaids co-stars in this poignant and entertaining ensemble comedy (ensemedy?) about two platonic friends who decide to have a baby together. The script is less original than her freshman effort—at times, you will envision Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan—nevertheless, this is an extremely well-written 21st-century take on friendship, family and romance.

The story revolves around three couples: Ben (Hamm) and Missy (Kristen Wiig), Leslie (Maya Rudolph) and Alex (Chris O’Dowd), and Jason (Adam Scott) and Julie (Jennifer Westfeldt). Ben and Missy can’t keep their hands off each other for a minute. Leslie and Alex are the ‘normal’ ones, and Jason and Jennifer are best friends. One cocktail-infused night, after seeing how parenthood has been a wet diaper on their friends’ relationships, Jason and Jennifer come to an interesting conclusion: A man and a woman in a platonic relationship would make better parents than a married couple. Nine months later, baby Joe arrives and Ben, Missy, Leslie and Alex prepare for this absurd parenting experiment to implode.

St. Louisan (and Burroughs alum), Jon Hamm, is one of the nicest movie stars in Hollywood, and even though he won’t friend me on Facebook, I remain a dedicated fan. Why he is constantly cast as the womanizing fink is beyond me. His on-screen persona is incredibly likeable; in fact, the entire cast projects an extremely collegial vibe. All in all, this is a smart, charming and endearing film.

It's an 8.