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Q&A: Local Stylist Amanda Lux Wissman Busts Hair Health Myths

Q&A: Local Stylist Amanda Lux Wissman Busts Hair Health Myths

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Amanda Lux Wissman went from being “everyone’s go-to hair girl” in college to owning her own successful business, Hair by Amanda Lux. Housed in Jolie Salon in Frontenac, Lux specializes in natural-looking and lived-in hair color. Lux hosts a weekly online video program, Just a Tip Tuesdays, which streams on her social media channels, to teach and inspire people at home. “It was a way to connect on a different level,” she says. “Instead of covering complicated styling techniques, I get back to the basics and talk about topics a lot of clients are unfamiliar with.” Lux recently chatted with LN about common beauty myths and the truth behind them.

Does stress turn your hair gray?

Absolutely! I have seen stress do crazy things to people’s hair. Along with the increase in “sparkles,” I have seen hair loss. Mental health can have as much of an impact on one’s hair as [it does on] physical health.

Can washing your hair daily be bad for it?

It depends on your hair type. The oil your scalp produces is called sebum. The finer your hair, the more it produces. It can nourish your hair but is also what makes it feel greasy. If you have coarse hair, it is best to go longer between washes, [as] hair needs natural oils to feel soft and shiny. Buy a boar bristle brush, and brush the hair every morning to bring that oil from the scalp down to the ends. Finally, it is absolutely bad to wash daily if you are not using the proper shampoo and conditioner. It is best to get your products from your local salon.

Does cutting your strands actually help them to grow?

Put simply, no. However, there is a good reason this myth exists. We shed 50 to 100 hairs per day. If you never get a haircut, the ends [become] stringy. Hair also completely loses its shape over time. The best thing someone can do is to follow a healthy diet and take vitamins. I recommend long-haired clients get their hair cut every 10 to 12 weeks and short-haired clients every 6 to 8 weeks.

Is it better to air-dry your hair, rather than to blow-dry it?

Heat is the biggest contributor to dry and damaged hair. It is often your blow dryer that is doing the most harm. A heat protectant [is] one of the most important products someone should have in their arsenal.

Hair by Amanda Lux, located inside Jolie Salon, 705 Old Frontenac Square, Frontenac, 314-330-2988,

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