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BLK MGK WOMAN Founder Describes the Inspiration Behind Her Organic Beauty Products

BLK MGK WOMAN Founder Describes the Inspiration Behind Her Organic Beauty Products

Adria Nicole had a secret – one that people always begged to know when she was out and about. This secret was an indefinable scent – one Nicole blended and bottled herself. Her “secret sauce,” as she calls it, is now available through her online apothecary, BLK MGK WOMAN.

“[The signature fragrance oil] smells different on everybody,” Nicole says. “It’s a great unisex scent, and people just love it. It has its own scent that blends really well with whatever your natural scent is. I warn people when they buy it: ‘Be ready – people are going to ask you about it all the time.’”

True to her word, customers have reported being chased down in a mall and elsewhere by people wanting to know how to get their hands on that smell. So how did she develop this intoxicating beauty secret? By creating products for herself to help her – and now others – feel more like themselves in their own skin.

BLK MGK WOMAN’s beauty products are “meant to be integrated into your own daily spiritual practice,” Nicole says. For her, that moment most often occurs while facing the bathroom mirror and readying herself for the daily challenges of a busy household.

Nicole’s household once included multiple children, who are now all grown. She, alongside her wife, understands how easy it can be to let the busyness of a full house distract from self-care.

“Self-care, to me, is time – however much or little you have – patience and grace,” Nicole says. “The things I constantly have to remind myself to give to myself. If you don’t do anything else for yourself in the day, take an extra 30 seconds to moisturize – it’ll change your world. Moisturize with intention. Take that moment, when you’re rubbing in that oil, to welcome love into yourself.”

BLK MGK WOMAN features only clean, organic products. Nicole’s simple elixirs come with an advisement to “set your intention,” because she believes that the real beauty can be found through centering yourself. All products are made to order and are shipped within two to five days of sale.

“For me, it’s about making the best products that I can, putting my love and magic into them, and that people can feel that,” Nicole says. “It means everything to me when customers come back and speak on that. It’s [crafted with] intention, on purpose.”


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