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The Design House Works to Create Personalized Sanctuaries for St. Louis Area Homeowners
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The Design House Works to Create Personalized Sanctuaries for St. Louis Area Homeowners

For approximately 18 years, Lisa Knight of The Design House has specialized in creating soulful spaces and portraying each client’s personality with precision.

“Our homes are our everything,” says Knight, that interior design firm’s owner. “We spend a lot of time in them, so if you have a house that speaks to you, then it’s the right house for you. There may be someone who loves color and loves brightness, and that makes them happy. Then there might be someone who loves a very calm space, and that makes them happy. No matter the style, we can create a well curated design.”

It’s through a discovery call that Knight gets to know and understand potential clients before even beginning the design process.

“I always tell people that we have to get to know each other first before we begin the design work because the way I design interior spaces is a very personalized experience,” Knight says. “I need to really understand our clients to create the best design for them, and we have to be comfortable working together for the process to be successful.”

For clients who decide to take the leap with her, Knight then reviews the space and the project as a whole – whether it’s simply to style a room or to use the full gamut of her interior design services.

“I do residential interior design at all levels – from new construction, ground-up projects to restyling a room,” Knight says. “In addition, I do unique commercial spaces – vacation rentals, including many of the chalets at Innsbrook [in Warren County, Missouri], retail and event spaces, and creative offices.”

Knight began her career in commercial design.

“Now that I own my own firm, I choose to work on projects where I can interact with and really get to know my clients,” Knight says.

Once the review is wrapped, Knight puts her creativity to work by creating mood boards for clients.

“It’s a very broad idea of the project,” Knight says. “It’s not about specific furniture or accessories at this point, but you start to get a feel for what the room looks like. Then we begin the actual design work, becoming more detailed as we [continue].”

It’s the specifics that Knight thinks make the soul of the space shine.

“A soulful interior means it’s a curated space,” Knight says. “It’s a place where they feel comfortable or where they feel at home. We like to layer in lots of different things – vintage pieces with new pieces. The pieces are very intentional when we select them, but we also offer energetic interior design. I collaborate with experts in the energy field, and we create interiors that are not only aesthetically beautiful but energetically balanced. We want it to feel acquired and curated, as if it naturally happened over time.”

Knight accomplishes this by also incorporating clients’ personal pieces.

“People come to me all the time and say, ‘Can we use this piece? It was my grandmother’s,’ or they found a piece on their travels,” Knight says. “I love to incorporate their own personal pieces. Obviously, we edit them, so it’s not overwhelming, but if they are special to someone, we are going to make it work.”

Knight prides herself on informing clients of what willwork in their space.

“I really like to help educate my clients so they can understand what really is good design,” Knight says. “So once we get done with the design, if they want to add things later, they can understand how that works and really make it about them.”

Knight believes this intention with one’s home can be life-changing.

“Each project brings a new challenge, and I get to enhance people’s lives by what I do,” Knight says. “At the beginning of a project, everyone might not be on the same page for what they want. When I am done, everyone loves it – even the kids! I create spaces that make people love where they live.”

The Design House, 314-276-0677,

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