Dining Room Renovation by Amy Studebaker Design Reflects Clients' Love for Lavender

Dining Room Renovation by Amy Studebaker Design Reflects Clients' Love for Lavender

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A beautiful dining room inspires hopeful visions of dinner parties and gleeful gatherings to come after the coronavirus crisis has passed. In this gorgeous example, natural lighting and colors reminiscent of springtime blooms fill the room, stamped with statement pieces like an elegant chandelier.

Amy Studebaker – lead designer and owner of Amy Studebaker Design, based in St. Louis – worked on this Ladue home renovation with designer Michelle Thore, builder PK Construction and architect Paul Fender.

“When purchasing the home, our clients knew that there were renovations that needed to take place in order to make the home function for their daily lives,” Studebaker says. “With our clients’ enjoyment [of] entertaining, the dining room needed to be a special space where they could serve meals for their family and friends in an atmosphere that felt beautiful and serene.”

Studebaker says the clients’ love for lavender, which is found throughout the home alongside tranquil greens and periwinkles, inspired the design. Gold accents maintain the classy, luxurious ambiance in every room. The color palette provided Studebaker and Thore an opportunity to work with less traditional hues and layer textiles such as velvet and silk, resulting in a sophisticated yet vibrant space.

In the dining room, subtle patterns from floor to ceiling provide an intriguing design. It began with a chinoiserie mural on the walls that illustrates birds perched on vines and incorporates hints of lavender and green. “We layered in rich colors with soft textures to complement the scenic background,” Studebaker says.

“To create juxtaposition between the organic feel of the walls and the [originally] blank ceiling, we designed a geometric molding detail and applied it to the ceiling. We felt that the added detail created a fantastic approach to bringing a modern freshness to the more traditional chinoiserie mural.”

Over the course of the renovation, which wrapped up last spring, the homeowners experienced total interior transformation.

“[The clients] were involved with each selection, but the end result, when everything came together, was something that they truly enjoyed seeing,” Studebaker says. 

Amy Studebaker Design, 11614 Page Service Drive, St. Louis, 314-440-0853, amystudebakerdesign.com

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