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How to Create Your Dream Home Office

How to Create Your Dream Home Office

With more employers and employees shifting to work-from-home scheduling than ever before, building a dream home office that’s both functional and fashionable has risen to the top of professionals’ to-do lists. And although it may be exciting to leave your drab corporate cubicle or pod behind, managing to include everything you want and need in a home workspace can be a daunting design challenge.

“It has never been clearer that environments directly affect your enthusiasm, confidence and focus,” says top local designer Jessie D. Miller, who’s created anything from dreamy home workspaces for kids to powerful private offices for adults. Here, the Jessie D. Miller Interior Design maven shares her secrets to making a private workspace that’s uniquely yours, so you can be your best at work – even from home.

Jessie D. Miller Interior Design,

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