Atrium Gallery announces an upcoming exhibition, “from time to time,” a solo show featuring work by longtime gallery artist Steven Sorman. Sorman is internationally known and exhibited, and has a long and quite successful career with his complex media prints and paintings. Known for his dynamic works, Sorman has progressed to a higher level of intriguing, layered compositional elements often following a rhythm that is aesthetically dynamic. He is moving from more geometric to often mysterious, forms more evocative of movement His practice of using multiple media, mixing a variety of print elements, contributes to the impression of these masterfully done works. The exhibition includes both recent works and special examples of earlier works not often shown.


 Sorman's place among our currently most respected artists, particularly print artists, continues to climb. He is represented in a large list of national and international museums including MoMA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, Stedlijk Museum, Amsterdam, Tate Museum, London, Singapore Art Museum, M.H. De Young Museum, San Francisco, and also St. Louis Museum of Art, and Washington University. 

Please join us for a Zoom Opening and Gallery Talk Friday, February 19th, 6-7pm. Instructions for registration will follow soon. For more information, please contact Atrium Gallery.