Time progresses and memories can fade – but your loved one will always be a treasure to you. When seeking a place that will treat your loved one as precious as they are to you, look no further than Parc Provence, the St. Louis area’s premier memory care community.

“We believe each [resident deserves] the help they need to enjoy life to the fullest,” says administrator Kathy Aragon, RN, LNHA. “And we believe their family members deserve the opportunity to offer love and support without becoming caregivers. Sometimes, the best way to care for a person you love is to let someone else help.”

The most trying part of this process can be identifying when a loved one’s memory has begun to trouble them to such a degree that it can negatively impact their living independently. Facing a decision of how best to support an aging relative is a hardship best faced with an understanding of what severe memory loss can look like.

“Look for instances of memory loss that make life harder to navigate, including new difficulties when making plans or solving problems,” Aragon advises. “Episodes like these are just a few examples of Alzheimer’s symptoms. A physician or memory-care specialist can provide a thorough evaluation and diagnosis.”

Seeking professional guidance to recognize when a loved one needs further assistance than you can provide is an important step as memory loss can take on many forms.

“No two people with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia experience the disease in the same way,” Aragon describes. “And because these conditions are progressive, symptoms change, requiring treatment strategies to adapt. That’s why we specialize in personalized memory care, rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach.”

Parc Provence creates a community that supports and promotes wellbeing from the ground up, resulting in an award-winning building design that groups residents in the most beneficial living arrangements for their specific cognitive abilities.

“From the beginning, Parc Provence has provided person-centered care, meaning each resident benefits from a program of treatment and care tailored to meet individual needs,” Aragon explains. “The community’s residential spaces are established according to interest and cognitive ability, rather than medical condition.”

This allows for more fruitful social interactions among residents within their own households. “The health, safety and well-being of all our residents is of primary importance,” Aragon adds. “The treatment plan we design for each resident provides for these essentials while also meeting their unique needs and goals. Each plan is built for flexibility so it can adapt to new symptoms and situations.”

Next, Parc Provence offers diverse programming that can enhance each resident’s experience and foster improvement while providing comfort. Often requested by the residents are music and art therapy, which the memory care community is delighted to provide. Group activities, such as chair yoga and ballet, are often populated by engaged residents. Additionally, outings to St. Louis favorites, like The Fabulous Fox Theatre or Missouri Botanical Garden, keep residents active in the community.

“Our wide variety of programs and activities are designed to enhance the strength of all residents, both cognitive and physical, connecting with their personal life memories [and] thereby enabling the residents to function at their highest potential,” Aragon explains.

Of course, the heart and soul of Parc Provence is its people, including the capable staff who deliver the highest quality of care to residents. Leading specialists in memory care, medical director Dr. David Carr and associate medical director Dr. Lenise Cummings-Vaughn of Washington University School of Medicine, bring the latest medical advances to the senior care community.

“We couldn’t offer personalized care without a team of professional caregivers,” Aragon says. “Each one is trained in all aspects of dementia and Alzheimer’s care, and committed to supporting residents and their families in leading lives of quality and dignity.”

Parc Provence, 605 Coeur de Ville Drive, Creve Coeur, 314-542-2500, parcprovence.com