Cary Mogerman attributes lack of respect to the end of many marriages. “There are so many reasons people get divorced,” says the family law attorney. “It may be unilateral or both parties, but when respect is missing, the marriage suffers. That is when people begin talking to divorce lawyers.”

Mogerman is a shareholder of Carmody MacDonald P.C. in Clayton. He was recently installed as first vice president of the Chicago-headquartered American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and will become the organization’s president in 2022. One of only 100 Diplomates of the American College of Family Trial Lawyers, he is Missouri’s only Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers. Mogerman and his wife, Dee Dundore Mogerman, also hold the unique distinction of being the only couple to have both served as president of Congregation Temple Israel in Creve Coeur.

He relays how he met his wife at the end of his sophomore year of high school: “She was the new girl in our school; she played the trumpet, as I did. So I swooped in. We dated off and on for nine years before we married. We got engaged in 1985, while I was in law school, and we will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary in May.” The Mogermans currently live in Creve Coeur and are the parents of three adult sons – Jacob, Samuel and Ben – and the grandparents of Sol, who is 6 months old. The family enjoys music and subscribes to Jazz St. Louis.

The couple both graduated from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Following his graduation from Washington University School of Law in 1985, Mogerman spent five years in a commercial litigation and medical defense practice before joining the late Allan Zerman in a practice focusing on marital and family law. He became a shareholder in the law firm of Carmody MacDonald, where he relocated his practice in 2018.

Mogerman and his law partner, Joseph J. Kodner, Esq., are the authors of A Guide to Divorce in Missouri, a 260-page guide from Addicus Books. Each summer for the past seven years, Mogerman has taught a class for young family law attorneys. Mogerman is a past recipient of the Roger P. Krumm Family Law Practitioner of the Year Award from the Missouri Bar Family Law Section. He has also been recognized as a “Missouri/Kansas Super Lawyer” since 2005 and previously chaired the Family Law Section of The Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis.

He laments that 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. “We all know people who have gotten divorced,” he continues. “It is a very human problem that deals with your relationship with your spouse. But you still need to have a method for conscious uncoupling if your marriage does not work out. That is when unhappy couples end up talking to divorce lawyers.”

Mogerman offers this advice on the process of divorce: “It is extremely important to have a system in place to make sure the bills get paid on both sides and that parties can continue to live and pay their bills. It is difficult enough when you are living in the same household. When you break out into two households with the same income stream, it becomes even harder.

“People contemplating a divorce need information to make decisions. They need to know what their legal rights are, the practicalities of going through the process of divorce and how it will both change their lives and impact their children. They should learn how much it is going to cost and whether the problem can be fixed short of being divorced.”

Mogerman concludes: “The world does not suffer from a shortage of opinions when it comes to divorce.” 

An innate storyteller and award-winning photographer and writer, Alice Handelman provides Ladue News readers with a glimpse into lives that enrich St. Louis.

An innate storyteller and award-winning photographer and writer, Alice Handelman provides Ladue News readers with a glimpse into lives that enrich St. Louis.