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Frank Cusumano

Here’s what I think:

1. In the very near future, we’re going to get some great news from Major League Soccer. Our town has done it! We won the lottery from hell with our prior NFL owners, Bill Bidwell and Stan Kroenke back to back, but we hit a heavenly jackpot with the Taylors and Jim Kavanaugh in soccer – two true St. Louis families who have been incredibly successful trying to make our city better. Believe me, if they were shooting for a great profit, there are at least 100 ideas better than investing in a soccer team – instead, this is about civic pride.

2. Speaking of improvements, what about the job Gateway Motorsports Park owner and CEO Curtis Francois has done with the track in Madison, Illinois? It had what seemed to be its last race in 2010, then was dead for two solid years. Francois took over, and now it’s the only track in America that has an Indy race, a NASCAR race and an NHRA event. David Steward, the founder of Maryland Heights’ World Wide Technology, was impressed so much that he entered into partnership with Francois. The track was renamed World Wide Technology Raceway, and the Bommarito 500 is one of the best sporting events in our area every year. There’ll be more big things to come at that track.

3. The Blues took control of the sports scene during spring, and the thing that jumps out at me about the franchise is the future. Almost every really good player on the team is either in his prime and locked up for years or is about to reach his prime. The president of the Blues, Doug Armstrong, deserves a great deal of the credit – this season has been the start of a trend, not an aberration.

4. Soon we’ll have a lawsuit in our town against Kroenke and the NFL. All the preliminary rulings have worked against Stan. I’m pretty confident the attorneys representing our town will prove that Stan and the league had already made up their minds about the Rams’ move and forced St. Louis to spend a lot of money to try to keep the team. I’m also pretty confident the league violated some of its relocation laws, too. The lawsuit’s not going to bring back football here, and it’s not going to affect Stan’s wealth much – but still, it’d be nice to see him have to write another check to St. Louis. Remember, he already lost the Personal Seat License lawsuit.

5. Things I really believe in nowadays: (a) The Mizzen+Main dress shirt. Look the company up online. It’s the greatest invention of all time. It’s comfort nonstop. (b) A McBride Homes home. The company’s products have the biggest closets, the biggest master bedrooms and a certain panache about them. (c) Billions on Showtime. It’s the new Dallas – so many diabolical characters to love. (d) A Bill Simmons podcast. Just a great dose of sports insight, pop culture and humor. 

Frank Cusumano is a 17-time Emmy Award-winner on KSDK-TV; he also hosts The Pressbox on The All New 590 the Fan from 10 a.m. to noon each weekday and contributes to The Dave Glover Show on FM NewsTalk 97.1. Follow him on Twitter @frank_cusumano.