While the world seems fragile amid the COVID-19 pandemic, anxiety can run high and be hard to handle as a child or even a teen. Cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as CBT, can be the most effective treatment to try for anxiety disorders – and thankfully, Calm Mind CBT, founded by Angela…

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Senioritis is a “rite of passage” for most high school students – a well-needed brief break after meeting a major milestone. For others, however, senioritis is a state of being that can lead to very negative consequences. 

Marilyn Ratkin, a 2018 Woman of Achievement, also was honored last month with the JProStl Partnership Award, which recognizes a volunteer leader who exemplifies the lay-staff relationship through commitments to the Jewish community and the metro area. 

Although financial prosperity may create a monetarily independent person, it doesn’t necessarily make a better person – and it doesn’t make a better society.