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When you sign up for a Vero Pizza & Pasta meal delivery kit, you add the perfect ingredient to fill a home with warmth and happiness this holiday season. “We’re the only meal kit company that does fresh pizza and pasta in the U.S. market,” owner Katie Collier, the talented chef behind Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria, says. “Our kits are a great way to share one of your favorite restaurants with family and friends across the country.”

Delivered to your doorstep, the boxed cooking experiences provide the freshest of ingredients, with simple instructions for crafting excellent Italian cuisine with the people you love most in the world. “Share a kit with kids when they are home from school, and teach them how to cook,” Collier suggests. “Starting Dec. 1, the eat-all-day holiday feast kit creates a fun day at home, cooking with family or [guests]. It has a really beautiful feel, with coloring greeting cards designed by my [artist] mother. You can use them as thank-you cards or greeting cards.”

The special holiday kit offers a bounty of ways for you to share its goods. “The kit is curated with enough food to have all at once or to eat it throughout the week,” Collier explains. “It includes a thick Fig French Toast, Porchetta Style Roasted Chicken Sandwiches with warm Black Sea Salt Rolls and Sweet Potato Fonduta Fries, Truffle Risotto & Blood Orange Salad. Currently, we deliver throughout the Midwest, and as of Dec. 1, we will service 75 to 80 percent of the U.S. If you like to plan far ahead or want a kit to arrive within the next day or two, they will show up in safe, temperature-controlled packing, perfectly cold and with everything you need kept super fresh.”

The interactive present can even begin with a gift card. “It’s fun for people to go on our website and create their own kits or find an experience,” Collier notes. “These kits are a unique gift for the people who already have everything. They are great for a girls’ night or dinner party, or even if you are in charge of bringing something over to someone’s house.”

For Collier and her family, the true gift this season is spending time with the ones you love. “The idea of Vero is not just putting out the best food, making it easy and accessible for everyone,” she says. “Vero is unique and fun. It creates incredible, cozy experiences.”

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