This Thanksgiving, as you surround your table with loved ones, sit down to a true feast for the senses. The turkey dinner kit by Vero Meal Kits will make mouths water, filling your space with delectable scents, scrumptious sights and unforgettable flavors that are sure to raise a chorus of approval from your guests.

“This is the holiday for our concept and what we believe in,” says owner and chef Katie Collier. “We’ve put a lot of time and effort into this one. The recipes are simple but feel masterful. The idea is to focus on family and having fun.”

For Collier, family has always been most important – something she learned from her mother, Belinda Lee, who lived in Italy. “My mother and I put these recipes together,” she shares. “We’ve always cooked Thanksgiving together. These recipes are family-curated, Italian-inspired and easy to make.”

The main star of the holiday, the turkey, comes from Double Star Farms in Benton, Illinois. Close friends of the Lee and Collier families, this local farm raises free-range, organic turkeys for the Vero Thanksgiving meal kit.

“We asked ourselves how we can make the juiciest turkey without having to do a 24-hour process,” explains Collier. “We came up with a Mediterranean yogurt marinade. We put in fennel pollen, which is traditionally used in the famous Italian dish Porchetta. When it cooks, that yogurt keeps the juices in and, I swear, it is the most flavorful turkey. Then, we stuff it with fennel citrus, celery and carrots. It’s a classic dish with an Italian spin.”

Families who have their own turkey prep traditions can opt to order just the sides. From green beans sautéed in black garlic butter – a signature ingredient at Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria, also owned by Collier – to a cranberry relish made from fresh blood orange juice, each traditional item offers up a new, succulent flavor.

“The stuffing is one of my favorites,” notes Collier. “[We combine] fig, walnut and sage, [plus] chicken stock and egg, with a simple Ciabatta bread. It is sweet, salty and savory.” Be sure to sign up for the mashed potatoes with mascarpone, citrus and rosemary, as well as the shallot gravy and the Fiori mac and cheese, which is a crowd-pleaser with the kids and a favorite at Collier’s restaurant.

Collier hopes the Vero meal kit brings other homes the same kind of joy her family experiences every Thanksgiving, from laughing and sharing stories to pitching in and piling plates high with decadent dishes. The turkey dinner kit feeds eight to 10 people at the minimal cost of $195.

“Our flavor profiles, here and at Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria, are always fresh, clean and delicious,” promises Collier. “We swap traditional recipes with Italian ingredients to make them taste better and more interesting.”

Serve up the spirit of the holiday this Thanksgiving with Vero Meal Kits. Place your order online at Shipping is available throughout the Midwest and east coast, and deliveries will arrive the day before the holiday.

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