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Local Artist Edo Rosenblith Shares Inspiration for Piece Placed in Chesterfield's Parkway Central High School

Local Artist Edo Rosenblith Shares Inspiration for Piece Placed in Chesterfield's Parkway Central High School

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Edo Rosenblith’s PANORAMA, pictured here, categorically warrants its title.

The 8- by 4-foot acrylic/house paint on wood panel brims with a shiver-inducing visual energy bordering on the ferocious and sports a blissful surfeit of eyeball kicks, as informally defined in both science fiction and old-school comic books like the original Mad.

To peepers perhaps badly in need of an optometrist’s attentions, in fact, PANORAMA calls to mind not only the works of legendary underground cartoonists Spain Rodriguez and S. Clay Wilson but also those of their spiritual mentor, the great Al Feldstein. Whether or not that notion holds true, the utter liveliness of Rosenblith’s work defies the deathly date of its creation in 2020, which history perhaps will record as “the new year of the plague.”

Rosenblith, a Tel Aviv native, lives and works in St. Louis and, since 2019, has belonged to Monaco, the underappreciated Cherokee Street artist-run gallery. He provides background on the fascinating collective creation of PANORAMA.

“In September 2019, I was asked by my former Advanced Placement art teacher, Cara Deffenbaugh, to create art for [Chesterfield’s] Parkway Central High School,” Rosenblith relates. “After meeting with Mrs. Deffenbaugh and her students, who first proposed the idea, we agreed to make an 8-by-5 painting. Then we obtained funds from various sources, including a grant from [St. Louis-based] Midwest Artist Project Services, art supplies donated by Blick Art Materials and funds from a ‘drawing marathon’ conducted by AP art students. Finally, we held a crowd-sourced fundraiser on Facebook.

“I then created a detailed sketch of the mural that was approved by the school. I had the panel and text fabricated by artist Ryan Doyle. After delays due to the [COVID-19] pandemic and other projects, I finally installed the work at Parkway Central on Dec. 12.”

That installation, the artist continues, constituted merely the initial phase of the existence of PANORAMA.

“Like any work of art placed in the public sphere – in this case, a high school – my artwork becomes successful if it becomes a part of the social fabric and identity of the locale,” Rosenblith notes. “For this installation, I wanted to make art not expected in such a location. Typically, artwork in public schools is generic. My aim was to reflect on the experience of being a high school student.

“The painting’s subject matter mirrors its location: students from diverse backgrounds and interests having lunch together in the school’s cafeteria … filled with a cornucopia of objects that personify the high school experience. This imagery was sourced from students’ photos, which I integrated into one large composition. Ideally, the viewer will recognize that this school, Parkway Central, values a high level of creativity and encourages critical thinking.”

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