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Throughout his adult life, iconic actor Marlon Brando made audio recordings documenting everything from simple thoughts on his career to profound ideas about life and art. This compelling documentary (I had the privilege of screening it at the Nantucket Film Festival this June), tells the story of Marlon Brando with the incredible addition of the actor’s own voice from this extensive collection of recordings as Brando himself narrates his journey.

Brando was raised in a small Midwestern town by an alcoholic mother and a martinet father. His journey to the New York theater world quickly led to a movie career where his rugged good looks were paralleled by his staggering talent. His professional life was riddled with erratic performances and conflicts with writers, directors and co-stars, but his personal struggles were even more notorious and tragic.

The film tells Brando’s story with compassion, and, with Brando’s own voice, the audience gets a rare glimpse into the mind of a modern artistic genius. It's an 8.