Remember that little cartoon drawing that shows a picture of the teeny tiny dinosaur brain inside the great big dinosaur skull? Yeah, forget you ever saw that. In fact forget everything you know, assume, imagine, think, envision or hypothesize about dinosaurs, drink a very large glass of wine and enjoy.

The film wisely doesn't stray too far from the premise of the original... at first. We have the island, and the two young children, the beautiful scientist (Bryce Dallas Howard) and the ruggedly handsome expert Owen (Chris Pratt). And of course we have dinosaurs. Isla Nublar is finally the theme park John Hammond had dreamed of, and like all theme parks, the investors are always looking for new ways to attract visitors. At Six Flags it's a new ride, here it's Indominus Rex, a new species of dinosaur. Of course despite their confidence messing with Mother Nature, and I know this will come as a shock, the scientists at the park don't fully comprehend their creation. Betcha can't guess what happens.

If you said the dinosaur escapes and starts attacking people, give yourself a gold star.

If you are willing to overlook a few things, this movie is a thrilling action-packed ride. By "a few things" I mean the fact that Owen actually trains raptors at the park like the dolphins at Sea World. Also the other dinosaurs seems oddly capable of complex thought: setting traps, communicating, that sort of thing. I had a bit of trouble keeping my eyes on the screen because I was rolling them, but the acting is good, the suspense is white-knuckle and the pace is breakneck. It's a 6.