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The Scariest Haunted Sites and Tours in and Around St. Louis
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The Scariest Haunted Sites and Tours in and Around St. Louis

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No stranger to paranormal activity, the metro area boasts spooky mansions, haunted playhouses and even a zombie road, so ghost-hunters and thrill-seekers alike can enjoy plenty of spectral goings-on here this Halloween.

In that light, Ladue News showcases some of the strangest, most frightening area sites – sure to send shivers down any spine.

Spooky Sites

Put your courage to the test by checking out any of these eerie locations around the area:

  • Lemp Mansion | St. Louis: Built in the early 1860s, this infamous residence was home to beer baron William J. Lemp, head of the Lemp Brewery. While initially incredibly successful, his family suffered a series of mysterious deaths and suicides beginning at the turn of the 20th century. The dynasty crumbled as a result. The family mansion still stands, though, and rumor has it that nonalcoholic spirits linger inside – and guests are invited to tour the house to bear witness to the nearly countless hauntings. 
  • Zombie Road | Wildwood: Only the courageous should travel this supposedly haunted roadway – well-known in the area as an ectoplasmic stamping ground for specters roaming night. 
  • The Fabulous Fox Theatre | St. Louis: Strange encounters abound within this St. Louis icon. From a hissing woman scaring staff members to Depression-era audience members sitting in the seats, the Fox is no place to find yourself alone at night. Tour at your own peril!

Haunted Tours

These fright-seeing outings show off scary locations throughout the metro area and provide perfect opportunities for small groups of intrepid explorers of the supernatural.

  • St. Louis Paranormal Research Society: This group of dedicated individuals hosts some of the most comprehensive ghost tours in St. Louis, including the Lemp Mansion and The Fabulous Fox Theatre. Also, it operates out of the previously mentioned Lemp complex, which puts the group right in the heart of the Lou’s haunted activity. 
  • St. Charles Ghost Tour: Guests who take their chances on this tour check out many of the creepiest sites in St. Charles, including a “lost graveyard” and an old church said to be frequented by a woman in white. 
  • STL Haunted History: Led by engaging storyteller David Riordan, the STL Haunted History tour invites participants to stroll from the Morgan Street Brewery through Laclede’s Landing as they hear tales of deadly fires, exorcisms and more. 

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