Well, it’s not Oscar season. Nothing makes that more apparent than the seemingly endless stream of end-of-the-world action movies flooding theaters—the summer of 2013 boasts more than a dozen. If there is one thing movie-goers have known since Mel Brooks stepped onto the scene, it’s that when there is a genre trend in Hollywood, a spoof is not far behind. So, if you’re in the mood to laugh—and have had drinks with dinner—I give you This Is the End

Seth Rogen and his wannabe A-list posse are excited to attend a party at the home of Hollywood powerhouse James Franco. They arrive ready for an evening of drinks and celebrities…and that’s when the world begins to end. The film mocks everything from the fiery pits of hell to the lunacy of Hollywood stardom, and does it with wit and self-deprecating charm. The best part about the movie—and probably the only thing that matters—is that it’s actually funny.

Screenwriter Rogen’s previous efforts, including The Watch and Pineapple Express, were sophomoric at best. This movie is quite an improvement. Rogen retains all the perverse, inane scatological content (so be warned), only this time, he adds something new: comedy. It’s a 7.