Vince Vaughn, I will tell you what: After Neighborhood Watch, Sullivan and Son (his atrocious executive-produced TBS sitcom) and now this pedestrian effort, I am about ready to break it off with you.

Yes, our relationship was largely one-sided. Yes, he may have threatened legal action. Yes, a harmless photo montage I sent him may have been misconstrued, but I was committed. The man made funny movies—made being the operative word here. I’m being kind when I say this movie lacks a certain comic originality and innovative script I have come to expect from Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

Billy (Vaughn) and Nick (Wilson) are 20th-century salesman, made extinct in a new virtual world. After losing their jobs, Billy lands them a coveted internship at Google. Well, coveted if you’re 22, financially independent and can write binary code. 

Now if you guessed that Billy and Nick are initially ostracized, but eventually win over the uber-geeks and make them see that wisdom and life experience count, give yourself a gold star and save this movie for a rainy-day rental. Vaughn and Wilson are charming, as always, and their handling of the material garners a few good laughs. But other than that, this is a predictable, drawn-out disappointment. It’s a 5.