I am on the fence here. Either this movie is the 21st century equivalent to a Hunter S. Thompson/ Timothy Leary/ beat-poet homage, or a couple of guys got really stoned one night and wrote a bunch of nonsense. I honestly can’t decide. What I can tell you is that this is a bizarrely original, incredibly well-acted comedy/ thriller/ drama/ action film.

Hans (Christopher Walken) and Billy (Sam Rockwell) run a lucrative con: They kidnap dogs and then return them to their owners for the reward. Everything is going smoothly until Billy nabs the wrong dog—the pooch of ruthless mobster Charlie Costello (Woody Harrelson)—and suffice it to say, the dog means more to him than any human.

Meanwhile, Billy’s best friend Marty (Colin Farrell) is a screenwriter struggling for inspiration, when Billy gives him the idea for a story about seven psychopaths. So we have a screenplay within a screenplay: Picture the movie The Player on hallucinogens. I can’t say this film is as brilliant as it professes to be; however, it is a funny, thought-provoking and oddly entertaining 90 minutes.

It’s a 7.