I wanted to like this movie; I really, really did. I love the cast. I love the premise. I even love the tip of the hat to the underrated 1981 Belushi/Aykroyd film of the same name. And that’s where the compliments end.

Mac (Seth Rogan) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) live in their dream house with their adorable baby. As they adjust to parenthood, they teeter on that beam between hip, young parents still connected to single life and a boring married couple. When a college fraternity buys the house next door, their convictions are put to the test. Fraternity president Teddy (Zac Efron) wants his senior year to be legendary. Mac and Kelly want Teddy to achieve that status without waking their baby. When it becomes clear that they cannot coexist, it’s war.

The movie is stupid. That’s all, no more no less. I wanted to walk out a handful of times, but stayed hoping against hope that there would be some redeeming plot twist. Alas. Here’s the thing: If three pretty good jokes and Zac Efron shirtless are enough to get you to the theater (and I’m not being pejorative, sometimes that’s plenty), then by all means. It’s a 3.