Katerina’s Greek Restaurant, which opened in Clayton in September, features varied traditional Greek favorites, among them gyros, skewers and the pasta dish pastitsio.

The eatery comes from Tracy and Crist Dubis and honors the life of their late daughter, Katherine, whom a car struck in 2015.

“Katherine loved her Greek heritage, and she was the inspiration behind this,” Tracy Dubis says. “People welcomed having a Greek restaurant, but more than that, they welcomed the celebration of a life. It’s been wonderful and beautiful for people to be able to come somewhere and not have their grief silenced. They can celebrate their loved ones with us.”

Dubis and her husband both rank as area restaurant veterans. Dubis previously worked for such venues as The Mayfair and 1860 Saloon, Game Room, & Hardshell Café, while her spouse’s résumé includes Al Baker’s. The couple also previously owned the restaurant KaNick’s (a mashup of the names of Katherine and their son, Nick).

Katerina’s Greek Restaurant fills the space previously occupied by Copia. Personal touches to the elegant space include new blue-and-white signage to drive the Greek theme home and a tribute to Katherine at the entrance.

“Katherine’s kindness and courage have been my guidance,” her mother says. “This has brought a lot of joy and a lot of people together.”

Zack Fiordimondo serves as chef and cooks a menu of Greek appetizers, dips, salads, soups, sandwiches, seafood dishes with fresh fish, traditional entrées and meats. Appetizer highlights include Greek hummus, spanakopita (spinach pie) and saganaki, or kasseri cheese served flash-fried tableside.

Salads include the village salad horiatiki, with tomatoes, feta, cucumbers, Kalamata olives, onions and capers. Gyros, wraps and sandwich options include a Greek chicken pita or wrap with feta, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and the Greek yogurt sauce tzatziki, as well as bifteki, or a Greek-style beef burger with tirokafteri (feta and hot pepper spread), tomatoes and onions.

Skewers are another popular pick. Guests can choose from chargrilled chicken, Greek meatballs, beef tenderloin or pork tenderloin, each served with tzatziki. Seafood options include fresh fried cod, while entrées include highlights such as pastitsio, or layers of seasoned ground beef and pasta topped with a rich béchamel.

The wine list includes a selection of Greek picks, in addition to other by-the-glass options, and for dessert, guests can choose from baklava (with or without ice cream) and rice pudding – all making Katerina’s Greek Restaurant a top potential stop before attending one of the manifold theatrical attractions playing in multiple venues for the holidays.

Katerina’s Greek Restaurant, 7822 Bonhomme, Clayton, 636-900-7991, katerinastl.com