Shakespeare Festival St. Louis executive producer/director Tom Ridgely coaxes delightful performances from his polished ensemble in this sparkling presentation of one of the Bard’s wittiest and most engaging comedies.

Modern masters whom Sheppard Morose cites as her greatest influences include not only Alexander Calder, Ellsworth Kelly, Henri Matisse, Mies Van der Rohe and Pablo Picasso but also Helen Frankenthaler.

Early E-Edition

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Rep Augustin Family Artistic Director Steven Woolf brings down the curtain on his illustrious tenure with The Rep with this rollicking presentation of England’s Mischief Theatre company’s fun-filled comedy of high-energy errors, expertly directed by Melissa Rain Anderson.

The unspeakably languorous arrival of spring coupled with the submission of St. Louisan Bryan Robertson’s food-chain promotes the brain-thawed notion of C.P. Snow as a bit of a chowderhead.

Steven Woolf, The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis’ Augustin artistic director, makes his final directorial effort at the helm of The Rep a smashing success.

In relating the history of the specific piece of TarArt shown, Serene Sunset in Tar, Marshall says, “caught my attention while on a daily walk on June 16, 2017."

All innocently, through no fault of its own, St. Louisan Alex Paradowski’s Happy Man may inspire a degree of disquiet, even borderline distress.

A common misconception holds that Missouri wines tend to be sweet, even though dry wines have always played a part in vinification here. As a prime example, consider Röbller Vineyard.

With Town and Country’s Bellerive Country Club scrambling to finalize preparations for the PGA’s centennial championship, much of the metro area seemingly has gone golf gaga – including the local arts community.