Look beyond its name and you will discover that Karr Bick Kitchen & Bath has much to offer when it comes to renovating your home. That’s because the creative team behind the name is all about delivering spaces that fit your family’s unique wants and needs. And they do that through creating the “#nothingordinary” experience.

“We are constantly working as a team and looking to outside creative powerhouses to fuel the work that we do,” president Jenny Rausch says. “We collaborate with each other and our clients to deliver unique, efficient and beautiful spaces.”

These partnerships foster creativity at a new level and serve to generate ideas that look past the standard designs for your kitchen, bath, or additional spaces like your laundry room, and address ways to make each area function in a manner that best fits you and yours.

“We work on more than just kitchens and baths,” Rausch reiterates. “The other stuff [we design is what] we like to call ‘wherever spaces.’ [These would be] wherever you need an expert space planner, or someone to think through how you are going to use the space and how [the area] can make your life easier. That is where we live, every day.”

In one particular “wherever space,” the client wanted a multifunctional laundry room that also doubled as a bath, complete with a shower, toilet and sink. Cabinets and a folding table still provide adequate space in this room to sort the laundry as needed. Yet, as it serves dual purposes, the all-white room still appears clean and modern, making it a complete asset to the family and home.

“Space planning is first,” Rausch notes. “The pretty [part of renovating a room] comes after. The pretty part is the easy part!”

Another great aesthetic appears in a “wherever space” that combines the laundry area with a built-in dog bath. Keeping in the theme with our four-legged friends, a doggie print wallpaper adorns the walls. A window looks out on greenery and allows for daylight to fill the large space. Drawers rest beneath a long countertop, designed for sorting and folding, while shelving above can house laundry essentials. In addition, space under the counter makes feeding time simple.

“[At Karr Bick,] we say we are ‘problem-solvers’ – that is what we do every day,” Raush asserts. “It doesn’t matter if those problems are with space planning, family dynamics, or the selection of materials and issues you may encounter onsite. They are all dilemmas that need solutions. And that is really what we do best – we find the answers.”

So, wherever your home is in need of an upgrade, Karr Bick has the knowledge and expertise to make any space better suited for your family’s lifestyle.

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